Slides and Video of programming languages talk at TheLeadDev

Hel­lo, Record­ing of my pro­gram­ming lan­guages talk at The Lead Devel­op­er con­fer­ence this year is avail­able now. It was a well run, and inti­mate con­fer­ence despite near­ly 500 atten­dees this year. It’s quite dif­fer­ent from many con­fer­ences I have attend­ed the last few years as it focus­es on soft skills and lead­er­ship rather than spe­cif­ic tech­nolo­gies or lan­guages. …

Slides and Video of pro­gram­ming lan­guages talk at The­Lead­DevRead More »

All the FP talks at NDC Oslo

Great news, record­ing of all the talks at this year’s NDC Oslo has been uploaded to Vimeo! It’s a lot of videos to go through, so I’ve curat­ed all the talks from the FP track this year, includ­ing my new talk “A tour of the lan­guage land­scape” where I cov­ered some inter­est­ing ideas and con­cepts …

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Understanding homoiconicity through Clojure macros

Hav­ing been pri­mar­i­ly involved with .Net lan­guages in my career so far, homoiconic­i­ty was a new idea to me when I first encoun­tered it in Clo­jure (and also lat­er in Elixir). If you look it up on wikipedia, you’ll find the usu­al wordy def­i­n­i­tion that vague­ly makes sense. “…homoiconic­i­ty is a prop­er­ty of some pro­gram­ming …

Under­stand­ing homoiconic­i­ty through Clo­jure macrosRead More »

Clojure – Multi-Arity and Variadic functions

In F#, you can’t over­load a let-bound func­tion, and whilst it’s a hin­drance some­times you can gen­er­al­ly work around it eas­i­ly enough since you can still over­load mem­bers of a class. All you need to do is to wrap the mod­ule and con­stituent func­tions into a class and over­load the class mem­bers instead. Mul­ti-Ari­ty Func­tions …

Clo­jure – Mul­ti-Ari­ty and Vari­adic func­tionsRead More »

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