Javascript – Immutable types

In C# and other similar general purpose languages, there are access modifiers which allow you to specify whether a particular property can be accessed/modified by everyone (public), only subclasses (protected) or only from within the same class (private). In these languages, creating an immutable type usually involves: making all properties publicly gettable making all properties …

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Having fun with HTML5 – Canvas, part 2

Earlier I explored some of the basic drawing methods available on the 2D context of the new canvas element in HTML5, moving on from there, I’ve put together another quick demo here (see image below) which lets the user scribble inside the canvas element. HTML The HTML for the page is simple enough, the key …

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Some useful Javascript related links

General wtfjs – all the WTF language features associated with javascript! Guide to OO basics of javascript   Node.js – home for Node.js npm – a repository for Node.js modules express – web server framework for Node.js dropbox-node – node.js client for working with the Dropbox API hummingbird – real-time (20 updates per second) …

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Having fun with HTML5 – Local Storage and Session Storage

HTML5 includes two new ways to store data on the client – local storage and session storage. Local storage has no time limit on how long the data should be kept around, session storage on the other hand (as the name suggests) stores data for only one session. Traditionally you can store data on the …

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