AWS Lambda — build yourself a URL shortener in 2 hours

An inter­est­ing require­ment came up at work this week where we dis­cussed poten­tial­ly hav­ing to run our own URL Short­en­er because the Uni­ver­sal Links mech­a­nism (in iOS 9 and above) requires a JSON man­i­fest at Since the OS doesn’t fol­low redi­rects this man­i­fest has to be host­ed on the URL shortener’s root domain. Owing to a lim­i­ta­tion on Apps­Fly­er it’s …

AWS Lamb­da — build your­self a URL short­en­er in 2 hoursRead More »

AWS Lambda – use recursive function to process SQS messages (Part 2)

First of all, apolo­gies for tak­ing months to write this up since part 1, I have been extreme­ly busy since join­ing Yubl. We have done a lot of work with AWS Lamb­da and I hope to share more of the lessons we have learnt soon, but for now take a look at this slid­edeck to get a flavour. …

AWS Lamb­da – use recur­sive func­tion to process SQS mes­sages (Part 2)Read More »

Serverless — enable caching on query string parameters in API Gateway

Since I start­ed work­ing at Yubl less than 2 weeks ago, I have been doing a lot of work with Ama­zon API Gate­way & Lamb­da with the help of the Server­less frame­work. So far that expe­ri­ence has been real­ly great. One lit­tle caveat I ran into was that, it wasn’t clear on how to enable caching …

Server­less — enable caching on query string para­me­ters in API Gate­wayRead More »

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