Filbert v0.2.0 – performance improvement on decoding

Some time ago I put togeth­er a small BERT seri­al­iz­er and BERT-RPC client for .Net called Fil­bert (which is anoth­er name for Hazel­nut, that has the word bert and the let­ter F and at the time every F# library has a lead­ing F in its name!). As an exper­i­men­tal project admit­ted­ly I hadn’t giv­en too …

Fil­bert v0.2.0 – per­for­mance improve­ment on decod­ingRead More »

Filbert – added BERT-RPC client + NuGet

Since my pre­vi­ous post on Fil­bert I have added a sim­ple but func­tion­al BERT-RPC client which I have man­aged to test against native Erlang mod­ules run­ning on Ernie. To make it eas­i­er for you to try it out I’ve uploaded the pack­age to NuGet, which you can down­load from here, or run the sim­ple NuGet …

Fil­bert – added BERT-RPC client + NuGetRead More »

Filbert – a BERT serializer for .Net

I spent the last cou­ple of nights and put togeth­er a small BERT seri­al­iz­er for .Net called Fil­bert.   What’s BERT? BERT (Bina­ry ERlang Term) is a bina­ry for­mat based on Erlang’s bina­ry seri­al­iza­tion for­mat (as used by erlang:term_to_binary/1) but sup­ports a cou­ple of com­plex types such as boolean, dic­tio­nary and time, in addi­tion­al to …

Fil­bert – a BERT seri­al­iz­er for .NetRead More »

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