.Net Tips — use a shared AssemblyInfo.cs for your solution

So often when you are work­ing on a solu­tion with mul­ti­ple projects you will have to change the con­tents of the AssemblyInfo.cs file for each project so the DLLs show the cor­rect com­pa­ny, trade­mark, and most impor­tant­ly ver­sion num­bers. This is a very labo­ri­ous task and chances are you might have been won­der­ing how you …

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.Net Tips — tools to help you find a new Guid string

Ever need­ed to get your hands on a new Guid with­out hav­ing to start up a new project and all of that? Well, there are two easy ways to go about it: 1. use Lin­q­Pad Lin­q­Pad is a FREE code snip­pet edi­tor for C#, devel­oped by Joe Alba­hari (one of the authors of the C# …

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.Net Tips — use DebuggerStepThrough attribute

When debug­ging your appli­ca­tion, don’t you just get annoyed that press­ing F11 keep tak­ing you into the get method of the prop­er­ties (auto-prop­er­ties exclud­ed!) passed into the method rather than the method you want to step into? I use auto-prop­er­ties wher­ev­er pos­si­ble because they’re syn­tac­ti­cal­ly clean­er and have less main­te­nance over­head, and I have the …

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.Net Tips — using configSource or file attribute to externalize config sections

There’s a lit­tle known attribute which was intro­duced in the .Net frame­work 2.0 called con­fig­Source, which allows you to exter­nal­ize sec­tions of the con­fig­u­ra­tion file. It works just like the option­al file attribute found on the appSet­tings ele­ment: <appSet­tings file = “rel­a­tive file name” /> but can be added to any con­fig­u­ra­tion sec­tion to spec­i­fy …

.Net Tips — using con­fig­Source or file attribute to exter­nal­ize con­fig sec­tionsRead More »

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