Enabling Flash Debugger in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a nice little browser, fast as hell, and it even bundles and updates its Flash plugin all by itself.

On the plus side, it means anyone running Chrome will always have the most up-to-date version of Flash player so good news for Flash game developers and web developers alike.

On the down side however, the Flash plugin it bundles itself with is the release build and you can’t use the Flash debugger with the release build. This caused a bit of pain for us when we tried to debug our Flash games in Chrome, but luckily we found a way to get around this in two simple steps:

1. open a new tab and type in about:plugins


2. you should see two entries for Shockwave Flash, disable the one in C:\Users\xxx\AppData


And viola!


P.S. you can download the Flash player and debugger here.

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