Enabling Flash Debugger in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a nice lit­tle brows­er, fast as hell, and it even bun­dles and updates its Flash plu­g­in all by itself.

On the plus side, it means any­one run­ning Chrome will always have the most up-to-date ver­sion of Flash play­er so good news for Flash game devel­op­ers and web devel­op­ers alike.

On the down side how­ev­er, the Flash plu­g­in it bun­dles itself with is the release build and you can’t use the Flash debug­ger with the release build. This caused a bit of pain for us when we tried to debug our Flash games in Chrome, but luck­i­ly we found a way to get around this in two sim­ple steps:

1. open a new tab and type in about:plugins


2. you should see two entries for Shock­wave Flash, dis­able the one in C:\Users\xxx\AppData


And vio­la!


P.S. you can down­load the Flash play­er and debug­ger here.