F# – merge sort on array

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Here’s a simple F# implementation of the merge sort algorithm (using mutable arrays) outlined in the Algorithms : Design and Analysis Part 1 course on Coursera.

So refreshing to be writing simple sorting algorithms years after university, still fun! Open-mouthed smile

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1 thought on “F# – merge sort on array”

  1. Very cool. I’m getting ready to take the Algorithms: Design and Analysis course in October. I’ve previewed the first week and it seems really interesting. It is quite a bit of fun implementing these algorithms. I implemented this one first in Python, but I quickly run out of stack when sorting things. Of course I could get around this using a non-recursive method, but that method doesn’t speak as much to the part of me that loves math. I was going to try it using F#, but I wanted to see what other F# solutions there were out there. Thanks for sharing.

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