Functional Programming

I’m on Functional Geekery!

Hello! Just a quick word to say that I spoke to Steven Proctor for an episode of his excellent Functional Geekery podcast where we talked about a host of topics including F#, Erlang and Orleans. You can listen or download the episode here.    

All the FP talks at NDC Oslo

Good news! Recordings for NDC Oslo is up and I’ve curated all the talks from the FP track this year for your enjoyment

Warning, Conferences ahead!

Update 24/08/2015 : some helpful people pointed out that I’ve missed a couple of other notable conferences here, including: Leetspeak (10th Oct Stockholm) Distributed Matters Berlin (19th Sep) and Barcelona (21st Nov) CodeMotion Berlin (2nd-3rd Nov), Milan (20th-21st Nov) and Madrid (27th-28th Nov) Lambda World (24th Oct Cadiz)   It’s almost that time of the year again, that last …

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