Reactive Programming

Elm – building a version of Snake in under 100 lines of code

It’s been a lit­tle while since I last spent time with Elm, and since Elm 0.13 was recent­ly announced so what bet­ter time to get my Elm hat back on and see what’s new. There’s a new-look online debug­ger which looks pret­ti­er than before: but more impor­tant than that, is the new Elm Reac­tor com­mand …

Elm – build­ing a ver­sion of Snake in under 100 lines of codeRead More »

Elm – functional reactive dreams + missile command

I saw this tweet on my time­line the oth­er day.. which remind­ed me again to look at Elm and I’ve spend the last week or so get­ting myself immersed with this won­der­ful lit­tle lan­guage built around the idea of func­tion­al reac­tive pro­gram­ming. My first impres­sions of Elm so far have been very pos­i­tive, there are …

Elm – func­tion­al reac­tive dreams + mis­sile com­mandRead More »

Contrasting F# and Elm’s record types

Hav­ing spent some time this week with Elm I have seen plen­ty of things to make me like it, a more in-depth review of my expe­ri­ence with Elm so far is in the works but for now I want to talk about Elm’s record type and how it com­pares with F# record type which us …

Con­trast­ing F# and Elm’s record typesRead More »

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