It’s Conference Time!

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Winter is upon us, but so is an exciting part of the year when lots of good tech conferences are happening all over the place!


CodeMesh was awesome

We had a great time at CodeMesh again this year, and enjoyed some amazing sessions from some of the best people in the industry. Don’t worry if you couldn’t make it this time around, all the sessions were recorded, so keep an eye out for them on their website for when the videos are posted.


Next up, BuildStuff in Vilnius

Considering the jaw-dropping quality of the line up – Udi Dahan, Eric Evans, Bart de Smet, Mark Rendle, Matthew Podwysocki, Pieter Hintjens, Mathias Brandewinder, Sasha Goldshtein, Tomas Petricek, Phil Trelford and Greg Young himself, and so many more – BuildStuff has gotta be one of the best value-for-money conference around.

It’s not too late to get last minute tickets, and you can get 10% off the face price with the promo code CUI.

You can find the full schedule for the 3 days here, I’ll be giving an extended version of my game economy modelling with Neo4j talk on Friday, right before I head off to…


f(by) 14 in Belaurs

The recently announced f(by) conference is the first functional conference in Belarus, with two tracks covering Scala, F#, Clojure, Erlang and Haskell.

Phil Trelford, Evelina Gabasova and me will be giving talks on F#. I will be giving a talk on taming API complexity using F#-powered DSLs. In this talk, I’ll be drawing on my experience working with AWS for the past 5 years and how we tackled some of the complexities around their many APIs using both internal and external DSLs and how F# makes

Ticket is available via their website, and I have a 10% discount code available on request.


NDC London

Back to London, NDC London will be happening from Dec 3rd-5th. Although this is the most expensive conference on this list, it does have a rather impressive list of speakers – Don Syme, Uncle Bob, Brendan Eich, Jon Skeet, Dan North and Rob Conery to name a few, particularly if you’re in the .Net space.

Bryan Hunter has put together a great selection of talks on functional programming (Bryan organized the functional track for NDC Oslo this year, which had some great talks), and I’m honoured to be part of it.

Full agenda is available here, I’ll be talking about my adventure with Elm on Friday morning. I aim to give the audience a gentle introduction to both Function Reactive Programming and Elm. If time allows, maybe we’d even tweak the demo to be playable with the Myo armband Smile with tongue out


CodMash in Ohio

imageFinally, I’ll be signing off a busy couple of months with CodeMash, which is taking place on Jan 6th-9th, in Ohio.

Again, F# is well represented with Mathias Brandewinder, Rachel Reece, Ryan Riley, Paul Blasucci and myself all giving talks on F#. Judging by the list of accepted sessions there are some amazing talks on a wide range of technologies, platforms and languages.

I’ll be giving talks on:

  • modelling game economy with Neo4j,
  • F# in social gaming, and
  • my adventure with Elm

All in all, there will be some 243 talks from 191 speakers for you to choose from! Although I’m not exactly looking forward to the snowstorm everyone tells me to be prepared for, I am definitely looking forward to CodeMash (and my first visit to the US).


Hope to see you at some of these conferences Smile

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