Yubl’s road to Serverless architecture – building a scalable push notification system

part 1: overview part 2: test­ing and CI/CD part 3: ops part 4: build­ing a scal­able noti­fi­ca­tion sys­tem <- you’re here part 5: build­ing a bet­ter rec­om­men­da­tion sys­tem Just before Yubl’s untime­ly demise we did an inter­est­ing piece of work to redesign the sys­tem for send­ing tar­get­ed push noti­fi­ca­tions to our users to improve reten­tion. The …

Yubl’s road to Server­less archi­tec­ture – build­ing a scal­able push noti­fi­ca­tion sys­temRead More »

S3 – Masterclass Webinar slides

I stum­bled across a set of slides with a rather com­pre­hen­sive overview of the dif­fer­ent aspects of S3, worth­while read­ing for any­one who works with Ama­zon S3 reg­u­lar­ly. Enjoy! Mas­ter­class Webi­nar: Ama­zon S3 from Ama­zon Web Ser­vices

Working with S3 folders using the .Net AWS SDK

If you’ve been using S3 client in the AWS SDK for .Net you might have noticed that there are no meth­ods that let you inter­act with the fold­ers in a buck­et. As it turns out, S3 does not sup­port fold­ers in the con­ven­tion­al sense*, every­thing is still a key val­ue pair, but tools such as …

Work­ing with S3 fold­ers using the .Net AWS SDKRead More »

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