stream_ext – version 0.3.0 is out

I have just pub­lished ver­sion 0.3.0 of stream_ext, my attempt to port the Rx APIs to Dart. In this ver­sion I have added a num­ber of addi­tion­al meth­ods to the exist­ing set of: aver­age buffer com­bineLat­est con­cat delay max merge min repeat sam­ple scan startWith sum throt­tle win­dow zip   amb StreamExt.amb has the fol­low­ing …

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stream_ext – version 0.2.0 is out

Late­ly I’ve been mak­ing steady progress in port­ing over Rx APIs over to Dart with stream_ext, and with the release of ver­sion 0.2.0 a few more Rx meth­ods have been added to the exist­ing set of buffer, com­bineLat­est, delay, max, merge, min, scan, sum, throt­tle, win­dow and zip.   aver­age StreamExt.average has the fol­low­ing sig­na­ture: …

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Run Taotie Run – new Here Be Monsteres mini-game made with Dart and StageXL

Using StageXL and Dart, I built anoth­er mini-game themed around our MMORPG Here Be Mon­sters this week. The game fol­lows a pack of Taotie mon­sters, which is a type of spir­it mon­ster cre­at­ed when a ghost with immense hunger pos­sess­es a Chi­nese pot. Taotie orig­i­nates from Chi­nese folk­lores and is one of many mon­sters that …

Run Taotie Run – new Here Be Mon­steres mini-game made with Dart and StageXLRead More »

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