Here Be Monsters

Modelling game economy with Neo4j

In Here Be Mon­sters, we have a MMORPG that is con­­tent-heavy with over: 5000 items 800 recipes 500 loca­tions 1500 quests and since the con­tents are high­ly con­nect­ed, it makes bal­anc­ing the game a rather inter­est­ing and chal­leng­ing prob­lem for our small team behind the project. The Chal­lenge Con­sid­er a sim­ple exam­ple involv­ing the Cam­ou­flage …

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F# – genetic algorithms to help you catch monsters

The mon­ster trap­ping mechan­ics in Here Be Mon­sters is fair­ly straight for­ward: Mon­sters have a type and a set of stats – Strength, Speed and IQ They have a rar­i­ty val­ue which deter­mines the like­li­hood of an encounter They have a set of baits they like, which can increase the like­li­hood of an encounter Traps …

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Red-White Push – Continuous Delivery at Gamesys Social

Nowa­days you see plen­ty of sto­ries about Con­tin­u­ous Inte­gra­tion, Con­tin­u­ous Deliv­ery and Con­tin­u­ous Deploy­ment on the web, and it’s great to see that the indus­try is mov­ing in this direc­tion, with more and more focus on automa­tion rather than hir­ing humans to do a job that machines are so much bet­ter at. But, most of …

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Here Be Monsters – Message broker that links all things

In our MMORPG title Here Be Mon­sters, we offer the play­ers a vir­tu­al world to explore where they can vis­it towns and spots; for­age fruits and gath­er insects and flow­ers; tend to farms and ani­mals in their home­steads; make in-game bud­dies and help each oth­er out; craft new items using things they find in their …

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AOP – A story of how we localized a MMORPG with minimal effort

In Here Be Mon­sters*, we have a sto­ry-dri­ven, episod­ic MMORPG that has over 3500 items and 1500 quests, and with more text than the first three Har­ry Pot­ter books com­bined – so it rep­re­sent­ed a fair­ly siz­able chal­lenge when we made the deci­sion to local­ize the whole game!   The Chal­lenge From a tech­ni­cal point …

AOP – A sto­ry of how we local­ized a MMORPG with min­i­mal effortRead More »

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