Slides for “F# at Gamesys”

I recent­ly gave a talk on the var­i­ous use cas­es we have for F# at Gamesys Social at the Tokyo F# User Group dur­ing my trip there. The slides are avail­able on Slideshare and I’ll share links to record­ing once they become avail­able. F# at GameSys from Yan Cui

Red-White Push – Continuous Delivery at Gamesys Social

Nowa­days you see plen­ty of sto­ries about Con­tin­u­ous Inte­gra­tion, Con­tin­u­ous Deliv­ery and Con­tin­u­ous Deploy­ment on the web, and it’s great to see that the indus­try is mov­ing in this direc­tion, with more and more focus on automa­tion rather than hir­ing humans to do a job that machines are so much bet­ter at. But, most of …

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Here Be Monsters – Message broker that links all things

In our MMORPG title Here Be Mon­sters, we offer the play­ers a vir­tu­al world to explore where they can vis­it towns and spots; for­age fruits and gath­er insects and flow­ers; tend to farms and ani­mals in their home­steads; make in-game bud­dies and help each oth­er out; craft new items using things they find in their …

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Here Be Monsters – New features, quests, items and more!

It’s been 2 weeks since we released any new con­tent into the world of Here Be Mon­sters and for our trap­pers that no doubt feels like an eter­ni­ty! So with great pride, I’d like to tell you that the wait is over and that you have plen­ty to look for­ward to!! It’s the end of …

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Here Be Monsters — New Trophy system, automatic Fences and more items!

To cel­e­brate the arrival of a new year, we have launched a num­ber of new years in Here Be Mon­sters. New Tro­phy Sys­tem First off, we have intro­duced a new Tro­phy sys­tem into the game which gives you mile­stones to aim for as you’re freely explor­ing the game, not to men­tion a tidy bit of …

Here Be Mon­sters — New Tro­phy sys­tem, auto­mat­ic Fences and more items!Read More »

Here Be Monsters – Xmas special is here!

It’s that time of the year again and here in the world of Here Be Mon­sters things are get­ting inter­est­ing too. From 17th Decem­ber to new years day, as you come into the game every day you’ll get a +15 luck (which sig­nif­i­cant­ly boosts your chance of catch­ing tough mon­sters) as well as lim­it­ed edi­tions …

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Bear Cubs are unleashed on Jackpotjoy Slots!

Anoth­er Thurs­day had gone by and yet anoth­er slot has been added to Jack­potJoy Slots, this time it’s a griz­zly themed 50-line slot called Bear Cubs! The main slots game is pret­ty straight for­ward, albeit being 50-lines instead of the typ­i­cal 25, where things real­ly become inter­est­ing is the bonus fea­ture. When you land 3, …

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Here Be Monsters – Beta is now open!

It has been in the works for a long time but we’re excit­ed to announce that Here Be Mon­sters is now offi­cial open for beta! The best way I can think of to describe Here Be Mon­ster (HBM) is a genre-bend­ing soft-core MMORPG. It com­bines ele­ments from many pop­u­lar gen­res of social games and gives …

Here Be Mon­sters – Beta is now open!Read More »

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