CraftConf 15–Takeaways from “Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eternal”

This talk by Kyle Kings­bury (aka @aphyr on twit­ter) was my favourite at Craft­Conf, and gave us an update on the state of con­sis­ten­cy with Mon­goDB, Elas­tic­search and Aerospike.   Kyle opened the talk by talk­ing about how we so often build appli­ca­tions on top of data­bas­es, queues, streams, etc. and that these sys­tems we …

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Modelling game economy with Neo4j

In Here Be Mon­sters, we have a MMORPG that is con­­tent-heavy with over: 5000 items 800 recipes 500 loca­tions 1500 quests and since the con­tents are high­ly con­nect­ed, it makes bal­anc­ing the game a rather inter­est­ing and chal­leng­ing prob­lem for our small team behind the project. The Chal­lenge Con­sid­er a sim­ple exam­ple involv­ing the Cam­ou­flage …

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Modelling Game Economy using Neo4j

Hel­lo! Just to quick shout to say that the slides for my Neo4j talk tonight on mod­el­ling and bal­anc­ing an in-game econ­o­my using Neo4j is now avail­able on Slideshare: Mod­el­ling Game Econ­o­my with Neo4j from Yan Cui   You can also watch the record­ing of the talk on Skills­Mat­ter here.   Oh, and did I …

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