DynamoDB.SQL 1.2.1 – now supports Local Secondary Index

A cou­ple of weeks ear­li­er, Ama­zon announced sup­port for Local Sec­ondary Index­es (LSI) for DynamoDB. You can now per­form fast, effi­cient queries against DynamoDB tables using attrib­ut­es that are not part of the exist­ing Hash and Range key mod­el with­out resort­ing to the use of scans. As a result to the new fea­ture the DynamoDB …

DynamoDB.SQL 1.2.1 – now sup­ports Local Sec­ondary IndexRead More »

DynamoDB.SQL – version 1.1.0 released

Just a quick note to say that anoth­er minor update to DynamoDB.SQL has been release, you can view the release notes here.   The lat­est update adds sup­port for a TSQL style WITH key­word for spec­i­fy­ing option­al para­me­ters for tweak­ing the query/scan oper­a­tion. For queries, you can spec­i­fy the NoCon­sis­ten­tRead and Page­Size options to use …

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My .Net Rocks talk is available

Hi, just a quick to say that my talk with .Net Rocks is now avail­able on their web site. In this talk I shared some insights into how F# is used in our stack to help us build the back­end for our social games, specif­i­cal­ly in the areas of: imple­men­ta­tion of a slots engine which …

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Introduction to AWS SimpleWorkflow Extensions Part 3 – Parallelizing activities

The series so far: Hel­lo World exam­ple Beyond Hel­lo World   With­in a work­flow, not all activ­i­ties have to be per­formed sequen­tial­ly. In fact, to increase through­put and/or reduce the over­all time required to fin­ish a work­flow, you might want to per­form sev­er­al activ­i­ties in par­al­lel pro­vid­ed that they don’t have any inter-depen­­den­­cies and can …

Intro­duc­tion to AWS Sim­ple­Work­flow Exten­sions Part 3 – Par­al­leliz­ing activ­i­tiesRead More »

Introduction to AWS SimpleWorkflow Extensions Part 2 – Beyond Hello World

The series so far: 1.   Hel­lo World exam­ple 3.   Par­al­leliz­ing activ­i­ties   In this post we’re going to go beyond the pre­vi­ous Hel­lo World exam­ple and show you how to use the SWF exten­sions library to mod­el work­flows with mul­ti­ple steps and allow data to flow nat­u­ral­ly from one step to the next. When using …

Intro­duc­tion to AWS Sim­ple­Work­flow Exten­sions Part 2 – Beyond Hel­lo WorldRead More »

Introduction to AWS SimpleWorkflow Extensions Part 1 – Hello World example

Series so far: 2. Beyond Hel­lo World 3. Par­al­leliz­ing activ­i­ties   In my pre­vi­ous post I men­tioned some of the short­com­ings with Ama­zon Sim­ple­Work­flow (SWF) which drove me to cre­ate an exten­sion library on top of the stan­dard .Net SDK to make it eas­i­er to mod­el work­flows and busi­ness process­es using SWF. In this series …

Intro­duc­tion to AWS Sim­ple­Work­flow Exten­sions Part 1 – Hel­lo World exam­pleRead More »

Making Amazon SimpleWorkflow simpler to work with

Ama­zon Sim­ple­Work­flow (abbre­vi­at­ed to SWF from here on) is a work­flow ser­vice pro­vid­ed by Ama­zon which allows you to mod­el busi­ness process­es as work­flows using a task based pro­gram­ming mod­el. The ser­vice pro­vides reli­able task dis­patch and state man­age­ment so that you can focus on devel­op­ing ‘work­ers’ to per­form the tasks that are required to …

Mak­ing Ama­zon Sim­ple­Work­flow sim­pler to work withRead More »

DynamoDB.SQL – version 1.0.7 released

Just a quick note to say that I have made some minor changes to DynamoDb.SQL and released ver­sion 1.0.7 of the library to Nuget, here’s a list of the changes: fixed a bug with LIMIT when there is insuf­fi­cient num­ber of ele­ments using the DynamoD­B­Con­text. added sup­port for count­ing the num­ber of match­ing items with …

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DynamoDB.SQL – minor updates

Just a quick note to say that I have made some minor changes to DynamoDb.SQL to: Add sup­port for spec­i­fy­ing the ScanIn­dex­For­ward option(see DynamoDB API doc here for detail) in a Query oper­a­tion using an option­al “ORDER” clause Fixed a bug where when query­ing using the exten­sion meth­ods on the DynamoD­B­Con­text class, the LIMIT clause …

DynamoDB.SQL – minor updatesRead More »

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