Javascript — Dynamically generating Accessor and Mutation methods

This is a neat trick I picked up the oth­er day, you can cre­ate a dynam­ic class which takes in a set of prop­er­ties in the con­struc­tor and dynam­i­cal­ly gen­er­ates Acces­sor and/or Muta­tion meth­ods (you just have to choose which lines to leave out): In your call­ing code, you can then cre­ate a new class …

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Javascript — Immutable types

In C# and oth­er sim­i­lar gen­er­al pur­pose lan­guages, there are access mod­i­fiers which allow you to spec­i­fy whether a par­tic­u­lar prop­er­ty can be accessed/modified by every­one (pub­lic), only sub­class­es (pro­tect­ed) or only from with­in the same class (pri­vate). In these lan­guages, cre­at­ing an immutable type usu­al­ly involves: mak­ing all prop­er­ties pub­licly get­table mak­ing all prop­er­ties …

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Having fun with HTML5 — Canvas, part 2

Ear­li­er I explored some of the basic draw­ing meth­ods avail­able on the 2D con­text of the new can­vas ele­ment in HTML5, mov­ing on from there, I’ve put togeth­er anoth­er quick demo here (see image below) which lets the user scrib­ble inside the can­vas ele­ment. HTML The HTML for the page is sim­ple enough, the key …

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Some useful Javascript related links

Gen­er­al wtfjs – all the WTF lan­guage fea­tures asso­ci­at­ed with javascript! Guide to OO basics of javascript   Node.js – home for Node.js npm – a repos­i­to­ry for Node.js mod­ules express – web serv­er frame­work for Node.js drop­box-node – node.js client for work­ing with the Drop­box API hum­ming­bird – real-time (20 updates per sec­ond) …

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Having fun with HTML5 — Canvas, part 1

One of the cool new fea­tures intro­duced by HTML5 is the new <can­vas> tag, which defines an area for you to draw graph­ics on using javascript. Basics To cre­ate a can­vas ele­ment is as easy as insert­ing a <can­vas> tag like this: Typ­i­cal­ly you will give it an ID as you will need to look …

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Having fun with HTML5 — Local Storage and Session Storage

HTML5 includes two new ways to store data on the client – local stor­age and ses­sion stor­age. Local stor­age has no time lim­it on how long the data should be kept around, ses­sion stor­age on the oth­er hand (as the name sug­gests) stores data for only one ses­sion. Tra­di­tion­al­ly you can store data on the …

Hav­ing fun with HTML5 — Local Stor­age and Ses­sion Stor­ageRead More »

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