Rx framework – IObservable<T>.Repeat

Having looked at a number of extension methods in Rx which allows you to combine two observable collections in some way, namely: Zip Merge CombineLatest Concat Catch OnErrorResumeLast There are also extension methods which allow you to repeatedly subscribe to the same observable collection, the suitably name IObservable<T>.Repeat method. If the repeated observable collection is …

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Rx framework – IObservable<T>.Catch and IObservable<T>.OnErrorResumeNext

Like IObservable<T>.Concat, the IObservable<T>.Catch extension method concatenates an observable collection with another. However, unlike the Concat method where the subscription to the second observable collection happens after the first had completed, in the Catch method the subscription to the second collection happens after and only after the first had excepted! Which begs a very good …

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Rx framework – IObservable<T>.Concat

Yet another extension method to combine two observable collections, this time we have IObservable<T>.Concat which is very similar to IObservable<T>.Merge, but crucially, when you concatenate one observable collection to another, the subscription to the second observable collection happens after the first had completed! Here’s a quick illustration of how the two methods differ: As you’ve …

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Rx framework – IObservable<T>.CombineLatest

The IObservable<T>.CombineLatest extension method is very similar to IObservable<T>.Zip and IObservable<T>.Merge in that it combines two observable collections and returns a new one. Unlike IObservable<T>.Merge, IObservable<T>.CombineLatest does not require the merged observable collections to be of the same type. Like IObservable<T>.Zip, IObservable<T>.CombineLatest combines ‘pairs‘ of values from the two observable collections, but unlike Zip when …

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Rx framework – IObservable<T>.Merge

In my previous post I used the IObservable<T>.Zip extension method in the Drag-and-Drop example, which takes two observable collections and runs a function over them to return a new observable collection of potentially a different type. But what if you just want to simply merge the two observable collections into one stream? Well, Rx API …

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Linq Over Events – Playing with the Rx Framework

As you may have read about on numerous MVP’s blogs already, there’s an ongoing research project at Microsoft’s DevLabs called Reactive Extensions for .Net (Rx) which introduces a push-style duality (equal and opposite) of the traditional pull-style enumeration using Linq. Erik Meijer gave a 30 mins introduction to the reactive framework in this video, I …

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OO vs Functional vs Dynamic vs Static

Whilst fishing around StackOverflow for interesting discussions I came across this question on which programming paradigm is best for which job. There were some interesting arguments put forward, and after doing some more reading here are the two things I took away: Language != Paradigm What paradigm (procedural, OO or functional, etc.) you choose to program …

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