SuperFunTown! Guide Part 3 — Growth

Broad­ly speak­ing the growth of your town (and there­by the advance­ment of your lev­el) is gov­erned by two fac­tors:

  • The num­ber of new cit­i­zens arriv­ing at your town
  • Your abil­i­ty to house all the new cit­i­zens

So now let’s take a clos­er look at each of these and grow your town as fast as you can!

Getting More Citizens

The only way for your town to grow is by attract­ing more cit­i­zens to live in it, and the only way for new cit­i­zens to arrive in your town is via a trans­port. The bus is the only trans­port avail­able in the game at this point in time, and you need bus stops in order to receive the new cit­i­zens and they will stay at your bus stops until you have res­i­den­tial units to house them (see below).


new cit­i­zens have arrived and are wait­ing to be housed


new res­i­den­tial units are ready


click­ing on the bus stop will put the cit­i­zens in the res­i­den­tial units

There are a num­ber of things you need to know about the bus stop before we dwell into it in more detail:

  • Bus­es can arrival at your town every 2.5 min­utes
  • You are lim­it­ed to 4 bus arrivals per day per bus stop
  • Each bus can car­ry a max­i­mum of 30 new cit­i­zens
  • If there are still cit­i­zens wait­ing at a bus stop, then bus­es will not stop at that bus stop until the wait­ing cit­i­zens are housed

The biggest con­straint on your growth ear­ly on in the game is like­ly to be the num­ber of cit­i­zens you get per bus arrival as you are only allowed 4 arrivals per bus stop per day. So if you are get­ting 15 cit­i­zens on each bus then you’re going to be lim­it­ed to 60 new cit­i­zens each day.

Buy Bus Stops

The quick­est and eas­i­est way to boost your growth is by buy­ing anoth­er bus stop, but this costs 25 cash (the rare cur­ren­cy in the game which you earn one every time you lev­el up) so unless you can wait until lev­el 25 you might have to fund the pur­chase with real mon­ey:


The ‘Bus Stop’ allows 4 bus arrivals per day, at 2m 30s inter­vals

Each bus stop is allowed 4 arrivals, get­ting that sec­ond bus stop will imme­di­ate­ly dou­ble the num­ber of cit­i­zens you get each day, mak­ing it pos­si­bly the most impor­tant pur­chase you’d make in the game! As trans­ports are ONLY pur­chasable with cash, so if you are going to save those hard earned cash for some­thing good, con­sid­er sav­ing them for a bus stop.

Build Attrac­tions

Whilst buy­ing addi­tion­al bus stops can help solve most of your prob­lems relat­ed to the growth of your town it’s often an expen­sive solu­tion and it’s not the only solu­tion avail­able to you.

The num­ber of new cit­i­zens per day is derived by a sim­ple equa­tion:

Num­ber of bus arrivals per day x Num­ber of cit­i­zens per bus arrival

You’ve already seen how buy­ing bus stops tack­les the prob­lem by giv­ing you addi­tion­al bus arrivals, you can tack­le the oth­er half of the equa­tion by sim­ply build­ing more attrac­tions in your town!

The num­ber of new cit­i­zens you get on each bus arrival depends on 3 things:

  • Your lev­el
  • Your cur­rent pop­u­la­tion
  • The attrac­tions in your town

Whilst you can’t do much about the effect your lev­el and pop­u­la­tion has, you can sig­nif­i­cant­ly boost the num­ber of new cit­i­zens per bus arrival by adding a few attrac­tions. Under the Attrac­tion menu, you can see the num­ber of addi­tion­al new cit­i­zens you will be able to attract to your town per day as the result of build­ing the attrac­tion:


Attrac­tions also bring in dai­ly income like res­i­den­tial units but should nev­er be con­sid­ered the main source of your income as the rate and amount of the coins they are able to gen­er­ate will not even be able to sus­tain the addi­tion­al growth they bring! Refer to part 2 of my guide on how to earn coins faster.

As with every­thing you build in the game, it’s impor­tant to con­sid­er the effi­cien­cy of the unit. Take the ‘Sports Ground’ and the ‘Donut Hut’ for instance:

image image

Whilst it’s plain to see that you’d be able to attract a lot more peo­ple with the Sports Ground, con­sid­er the fol­low­ing:

  • It costs more than 5 times as much as the Donut Hut
  • It takes a whoop­ing 20 times as much space! (see below)


So all of a sud­den the Donut Hut appears the far supe­ri­or unit both in terms of new cit­i­zens per cost and per square! From a pure­ly opti­miza­tion point of view you would soon­er build a fleet of donut huts than build a sin­gle sports ground.

BUT, aes­thet­i­cal­ly, a donut hut clus­ter in the mid­dle of your town is noth­ing short of an abom­i­na­tion..

Per­son­al­ly I think every town needs a sports ground and would hap­pi­ly take the hit on the num­ber of new cit­i­zens in favour of a more aes­thet­i­cal­ly pleas­ing town!

Housing New Citizens

Attract­ing peo­ple to your town is only half the sto­ry, you still have to give them homes to live in and that means one thing in Super­Fun­Town – build­ing res­i­den­tial units.

Under the build menu, you can see the capac­i­ty of each type of res­i­den­tial unit, i.e. how many peo­ple can live in that unit:


As ever, when it comes to decid­ing which unit to build you need to con­sid­er the per square effi­cien­cy of that unit. This is par­tic­u­lar­ly impor­tant with res­i­den­tial units (even more so than attrac­tions and shops) because you need LOTS of them and there’s just no way around it!


One oth­er thing to keep in mind when build­ing res­i­den­tial units is place­ment. As you know, res­i­den­tial units need to be placed next to roads in order for them to be con­sid­ered ‘active’ and since you can only build roads a cer­tain dis­tance (equal to the width of a road tile) apart, this means some units lend them­selves bet­ter to being placed inside a ‘road grid’ like the one I’ve shown on the left.

I’ve cir­cled in the image on the left the space that are wast­ed when the ‘Gar­den Heights’ unit is placed into a road grid which oth­er­wise fits less effi­cient ‘Pool Plaza’ unit. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, this prob­lem that you’re like­ly to come up against time and time again as you progress through the game and have to replace exist­ing res­i­den­tial units with more effi­cient ones to make room for fur­ther growth.

Luck­i­ly, this prob­lem can be eas­i­ly solved by using pave­ments to con­nect and acti­vate these units instead of roads :-) Pave­ments are in gen­er­al a good alter­na­tive to roads any­way as they take up less space and can be placed any­where in your town.


That’s it from me on how to grow your town quick­ly, good luck build­ing!


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