SuperFunTown! Guide Part 4 – Look That Kills

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For me, the thing that sets SuperFunTown apart form other city building games on Facebook is the ability to customize and change your town in a way that makes it truly unique! There are a number of powerful tools at your disposal, for example:

Everything is rotatable in the game

You know how some games don’t let you rotate anything at all while others let you rotate only some of the items so you often have no choice but to align all your items in a certain way. Well, that’s certainly not the case here! You’re free to rotate everything in the game so how you want to arrange all your buildings and roads are entirely down to YOU.

To rotate a building in your town, follow the simple steps below:

click on the Move tool
hover over the building you want to rotate and click on the rotate button
or, you can click on the building to pick it up, then press SPACE bar to rotate

Residential buildings are paintable

Yup, you heard right, you can PAINT the residential buildings in the game :-) Try it, it’s easy!

click on the Paint tool

click on the residential building you want to paint to bring up the Paint screen


choose what colour you want for the Walls, Roof and Accent

Customization Ideas

Whilst the game provides you with some customization tools, you’re certainly not limited to what is possible with those tolls alone, all you have to do is to think outside of the box!

Combine Existing Items

There are many items in the game that can be combined or arranged in a certain way to give them a completely different look. Take the ‘Round Plaza‘ for instance, here are just two simple combinations you can use to spice things up a little ;-)


You can put 4 of them together and form a circle

You can put two of them into a semi-circle to put some deco around them

Another building which leads itself particularly well to being combined in the same way is the ‘City College‘, though at 128K coins and a public work (which only serves as the key to unlock level 35) it’s a rather expensive way to customize..

 image imageimage

Putting the Deco in the Art

Another thing you can do to add some personal touch to your town is to simply put some decorations around some special units to make them stand out a little more. I find this works better when used sparingly on buildings that I only have one of in my town – public works are generally good candidates in this case. Have a look at the two pictures below to see how a couple of simple decorations can bring to life an otherwise static hospital.





Plant Trees

In my personal opinion every town can do with a park, and what better way to build one than to build it around the wonderful Boating Lake. Simple and effective, it’s one of my favourite units in the game and perfect for building a central park in your town!


Mind The View!

One of the things you will no doubt notice as you play the game is that some buildings are HUGE! Especially the residential units you can build later on in the game such as the Skyscaper or MegaTower.

imageThese tall units can have a huge impact on the look of your town as they have the potential to severely limit the visibility of other buildings situated behind them.

Take the image on the left for example, the towering buildings have blocked my view of everything I had behind them making it difficult for me to do anything with those buildings now that they’re not visible on screen.

You can get around these problems easily by strategically placing those tall buildings along the North and West edge of your town (see pictures below).

That way they will not obstruct the view of other buildings as you are always looking into your town from the South-East corner and the tall buildings are always furthest away from you.

image image

What Others Have Done

Curious as to what other people have done with their town? Here’s a short collection of the things that have caught my eye when I visited my friends’ towns!

image imageimage


image image


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