F# – helper functions to convert between Async<unit> and Task

With the official release of .Net 4.5 and Visual Studio 2012, I suspect many .Net developers will be rushing to rewrite their data access or network layers (amongst many many other things!) to take advantage of the new async-await (see the excellent 101 examples here) language feature in C#, which means you’ll likely be working with the Task and Task<T> type an awful lot.

If you have F# code that needs to interop with C# that returns or awaits some task types then you’ve probably already come across the Async.StartAsTask<T> and Async.AwaitTask<T> methods for converting between F#’s Async<T> and Task<T> types. Curiously, there are no equivalent methods on the Async class for converting between Async<unit> and Task types.

So, to fill in the gaps ourselves, here are two simple functions to do just that:



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