Design Patterns

Buzzword Buster — IoC

Def­i­n­i­tion: Inver­sion of Con­trol (IoC) refers to the inver­sion of the flow of con­trol (the order in which indi­vid­ual state­ments, func­tion calls, etc. are exe­cut­ed) in a soft­ware. You’ll often hear the term Hol­ly­wood prin­ci­ple being men­tioned in the same breath as IoC, it sim­ply states “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” which more or …

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The C# Dispose Pattern

The Dis­pose pat­tern is some­thing we’ve all seen before, and it’s so tried and test­ed most of us (espe­cial­ly myself!) have been more than hap­py to apply with­out ques­tion. Whilst read­ing var­i­ous blogs/articles I came across some dif­fer­ing opin­ion about this well known pat­tern and start­ed to ques­tion what I had tak­en for grant­ed myself. …

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