Rx framework – IObservable<T>.Merge

In my previous post I used the IObservable<T>.Zip extension method in the Drag-and-Drop example, which takes two observable collections and runs a function over them to return a new observable collection of potentially a different type. But what if you just want to simply merge the two observable collections into one stream? Well, Rx API …

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Linq Over Events – Playing with the Rx Framework

As you may have read about on numerous MVP’s blogs already, there’s an ongoing research project at Microsoft’s DevLabs called Reactive Extensions for .Net (Rx) which introduces a push-style duality (equal and opposite) of the traditional pull-style enumeration using Linq. Erik Meijer gave a 30 mins introduction to the reactive framework in this video, I …

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OO vs Functional vs Dynamic vs Static

Whilst fishing around StackOverflow for interesting discussions I came across this question on which programming paradigm is best for which job. There were some interesting arguments put forward, and after doing some more reading here are the two things I took away: Language != Paradigm What paradigm (procedural, OO or functional, etc.) you choose to program …

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Buzzword Buster – Duck Typing

The term ‘duck typing’ is often used to describe a type of dynamic typing in programming languages where the object’s current set of methods and properties determines the valid semantics. Why? duck test – If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck

LINQ – Lambda Expression vs Query Expression

As you’re probably aware of already, LINQ comes in two flavours – using Lambda expressions and using SQL-like query expressions: Both yields the same result because query expressions are translated into their lambda expressions before they’re compiled. So performance-wise, there’s no difference whatsoever between the two. Which one you should use is mostly personal preference, …

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The Stack, The Heap And The Memory Pitfalls

In the last couple of days or so I have spent some time reading Karl Seguin’s excellent and FREE to download ebook – Foundations of Programming which covers many topics from dependency injection to best practices for dealing with exceptions. The main topic that took my fancy was the Back to Basics: Memory section, here’s …

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Pattern for dealing with null handler for events in C#

If you’ve used events in C# before, you’ve probably written code like this too: This is perfectly ok and normal to do, but can quickly become tiresome if you have to fire events in multiple places in your code and have to do a null reference check every time! So instead, I have been using …

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