Linq Over Events – Playing with the Rx Framework

As you may have read about on numerous MVP’s blogs already, there’s an ongoing research project at Microsoft’s DevLabs called Reactive Extensions for .Net (Rx) which introduces a push-style duality (equal and opposite) of the traditional pull-style enumeration using Linq. Erik Meijer gave a 30 mins introduction to the reactive framework in this video, I …

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Buzzword Buster – Duck Typing

The term ‘duck typing’ is often used to describe a type of dynamic typing in programming languages where the object’s current set of methods and properties determines the valid semantics. Why? duck test – If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck

LINQ – Lambda Expression vs Query Expression

As you’re probably aware of already, LINQ comes in two flavours – using Lambda expressions and using SQL-like query expressions: Both yields the same result because query expressions are translated into their lambda expressions before they’re compiled. So performance-wise, there’s no difference whatsoever between the two. Which one you should use is mostly personal preference, …

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Functional programming with Linq – IEnumerable.Aggregate

As I was learning functional programming with F# I came across the List.reduce function which iterates through a list and builds up an accumulator value by running another function against each element in the list. Back to the more familiar C# territory, LINQ has introduced some functional features to C# and one of these is …

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