Weekly Update

Weekly update 32

Hi, welcome to another weekly update :-) Let’s welcome Snap.hr as this month’s sponsor! Snap.hr is a transparent job hunting platform built for developers by developers. On Snap.hr, 3rd party recruiters are banned, and companies are always up front about the role and salary. Snap puts developers in the driving seat, so you never feel hassled …

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Weekly update 31

Hi, welcome to another weekly update :-) New posts Getting the most out of CloudWatch Logs. In this post, I took a deep dive into the CloudWatch Logs service, looking at how it works, its features (including metric filters and CloudWatch Logs Insights) as well as limitations. How to do blue-green deployment for Step Functions. …

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Weekly update 30

Hi, welcome to another weekly update :-) Let’s welcome Blue Matador as this month’s sponsor! Blue Matador is monitoring alert automation for AWS and Kubernetes environments. Our proactive alerts take the time and toil out of monitoring. Trying to understand baselines and thresholds, and configuring alerts, especially in black boxes like Lambda and K8s, requires …

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Weekly update 29

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. This is my first update since moving to Amsterdam, and I have perhaps been indulging myself on Stroopwafel a little too much! Seriously, they’re so good, and available everywhere! Anyhow.. on with the update ;-) New posts Meet the family, the “other” AWS serverless services. In this post, I …

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Weekly update 28

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. Bye bye, DAZN! Yesterday was my last day at DAZN. Handed in my laptop, bagged my slippers, this is it. It's been a pleasure @dazneng! See you guys around ?? — Yan Cui (@theburningmonk) June 21, 2019 I’m fortunate and grateful to have had the chance to play a …

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Weekly update 27

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. We welcome Trek10 as our sponsor for June! It is my pleasure to welcome Trek10 as our sponsor for this month, let’s hear from them. Serverless computing can seriously reduce TCO and time to market. But serverless is a new discipline. The best practices are emerging, and even large …

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Weekly update 26

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. New posts You are wrong about serverless vendor lock-in. In this guest post for Lumigo, I challenge the debate on serverless and vendor lock-in. First of all, technology choices create coupling and moving cost but you’re never truly locked in as the option is always there to rewrite the …

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Weekly update 25

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. We welcome Thundra back as our sponsor for May! It is my pleasure to welcome Thundra back as the sponsor for this month. Here’s a message from Thundra, who is also giving away copies of my video course Production-Ready Serverless! Serverless architectures are usually implemented on event-driven distributed functions. Monitoring …

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Weekly update 24

Hi, welcome to another weekly update! New posts Observability without breaking the bank. In this post, I took a look at Thundra’s new sampling feature and how they can help prevent observability costs from spiralling out of control. Besides the rudimentary sampling methods such as by count and time interval, they also support more intelligent …

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