Weekly Update

Weekly update 25

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. We welcome Thundra back as our sponsor for May! It is my pleasure to welcome Thundra back as the sponsor for this month. Here’s a message from Thundra, who is also giving away copies of my video course Production-Ready Serverless! Serverless architectures are usually implemented on event-driven distributed functions. Monitoring …

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Weekly update 24

Hi, welcome to another weekly update! New posts Observability without breaking the bank. In this post, I took a look at Thundra’s new sampling feature and how they can help prevent observability costs from spiralling out of control. Besides the rudimentary sampling methods such as by count and time interval, they also support more intelligent …

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Weekly update 23

Hi, welcome to another weekly update! Welcome Binaris as our sponsor for April! It is my pleasure to welcome Binaris back as the sponsor for this month. Here’s a message from Binaris. In Binaris we deeply believe in the power of serverless and the power of functions. We envision a future where applications are built …

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Weekly update 22

Hi, welcome to another weekly update, I have quite a few new posts for you this week! New posts Making Terraform and Serverless framework work together. In this post I discussed some ways you can reference Terraform-managed resources from the Serverless framework. This is a common challenge presented to teams that are using both Terraform …

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Weekly update 21

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. Designing serverless applications with AWS Lambda I’m running a live online training session with O’Reilly on April 15th and 16th. The session would provide some hands-on exercise for getting started with AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework, and provide you with the tools you need to design serverless applications …

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Weekly update 20

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. Production-Ready Serverless is live! It’s been a long time coming, my Manning video course Production-Ready Serverless is officially completed! All postscripts and other course materials have been added to the course. Manning is also running a special promotion for March so that ALL video courses are $25 each, what …

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Weekly update 19

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. New posts AWS Lambda and Secret Management. In this post I gave a lowdown on SSM Parameter Store, AWS Secrets Manager and HashiCorp Vault. We discussed when, why and how to choose between them and several approaches to loading secrets into your functions. Podcasts Real World DevOps. I spoke …

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Weekly update 18

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. Welcome Thundra as our sponsor for Feburary! It is my pleasure to welcome Thundra as sponsor for this month. Here’s a message from Thundra to explain what they’re building and their vision for Serverless observability. A serverless application eliminates operational burdens and you only pay for what you use …

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Weekly update 17

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. New posts You are thinking about serverless costs all wrong. This is my response to the click-bait article published in The Register that clearly illustrated widespread misunderstanding when it comes to understanding the financial benefits of serverless. Many have discussed the cost savings serverless can give you in terms …

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Weekly update 16

Hi, welcome to another weekly update. I’m going independent :-) Firstly, a big update on a personal front – I’ve transitioned into a part-time role at DAZN so I can start a career as an independent consultant. My goal here is to use my expertise to help businesses accelerate their time-to-market through the use of …

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