CraftConf 15–Takeaways from “Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eternal”

This talk by Kyle Kings­bury (aka @aphyr on twit­ter) was my favourite at Craft­Conf, and gave us an update on the state of con­sis­ten­cy with Mon­goDB, Elas­tic­search and Aerospike.   Kyle opened the talk by talk­ing about how we so often build appli­ca­tions on top of data­bas­es, queues, streams, etc. and that these sys­tems we …

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CraftConf 15–Takeaways from “Architecture Without an End State”

In enter­pris­es we tend to sell archi­tec­tur­al projects by show­ing you the cur­rent messy state and pitch you an ide­al­ized end state. But the prob­lem is that, the ide­al end state we’re pitch­ing exists only as an idea, with­out hav­ing gone through all the com­pro­mis­es and organ­ic growth that made the cur­rent state messy. Once we …

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CraftConf 15–Takeaways from “Microservice AntiPatterns”

This is anoth­er good talk on micro-ser­vices at Craft­Conf, where Tam­mer Saleh talks about com­mon antipat­terns with micro-ser­vices and some of the ways you can avoid them. Per­son­al­ly I think it’s great that both Tam­mer and Adri­an have spent a lot of time talk­ing about chal­lenges with micro-ser­vices at Craft­Conf. There has been so much …

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CraftConf 15–Takeaways from “The Hidden Dimension of Refactoring”

One of the great things about Craft­Conf is the pletho­ra of big name tech speak­ers that the orga­niz­ers have man­aged to attract. Michael Feath­ers is def­i­nite­ly one of the names that made me excit­ed to go to Craft­Conf.   Know your com­mits We have a bias towards the cur­rent state of our code, but we …

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CraftConf 15–Takeaways from “Scaling micro-services at Gilt”

There were a cou­ple of micro-ser­vices relat­ed talks at this year’s edi­tion of Craft­Conf. The first was by Adri­an Tre­na­man of Gilt, who talked about their jour­ney from a mono­lith­ic archi­tec­ture to micro-ser­vices, and from self-man­aged dat­a­cen­tres to the cloud.   From Mono­lith to Micro-Ser­vices They start­ed off with a Ruby on Rails mono­lith­ic archi­tec­ture …

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CraftConf 15–Takeaways from “Beyond Features”

This was one of my favourite talks at the con­fer­ence and hav­ing seen quite a few of his talks Dan North is always a safe bet!   Rantifesto about Agile Method­ol­o­gy The talk start­ed with a Rantifesto about the state of Agile. When the Agile man­i­festo was con­ceived in 2001, it made a set of …

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