Test your maths skills at the MathDOJO!

Anoth­er pro­duc­tive week­end bares fruit for anoth­er mini game! This time I’ve put togeth­er a dojo-themed mini game whose sole pur­pose is to test your abil­i­ty to do sim­ple (well, most­ly) arith­metic cal­cu­la­tions in your head and your tol­er­ance for my sense of humour (which is not so bad I hope ;-) ). Screen­shots Here’s …

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Creating a count down meter with CSS3 and JQuery

Whilst work­ing on the Math­DO­JO mini game one of the neat lit­tle things I tried to do was imple­ment a time meter which steadi­ly counts down and changes colour (from green to yel­low to glow­ing red) as it approach­es 0: First, you need some­thing to rep­re­sent the meter, a sim­ple <span> ele­ment will do: 1: …

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Creating a sticky note app with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript

I saw this tuto­r­i­al the oth­er day, it’s cool but I fan­cied tak­ing it a step fur­ther and make it use­ful as an app rather than just a fan­cy way to show some struc­tured data on the screen. Here’s a list of the fea­tures which I want­ed to add: being able to edit the title …

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Having fun with CSS3 — Box Shadow property

CSS3 intro­duces a use­ful lit­tle prop­er­ty called box-shad­ow, which as the name sug­gests adds a shad­ow to an ele­ment. Sim­ple box shad­ow You can cre­ate a basic box shad­ow like this: This casts a shad­ow with an X-off­set of 10 pix­els and a Y-off­set of 20 pix­els: You can equal­ly use neg­a­tive val­ues for the …

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Having fun with CSS3 — Border Radius

As you may know already, CSS3 has intro­duced a new set of prop­er­ties which allows you to eas­i­ly add curved cor­ners to a box. Sim­ple round cor­ners You can cre­ate a div with round cor­ners with this sim­ple css: How­ev­er, giv­en the stage of devel­op­ment CSS3 is at as of now this is only sup­port­ed …

Hav­ing fun with CSS3 — Bor­der RadiusRead More »

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