Ticket for Craft Conf for sale at Early Bird price

It’s less than 2 weeks to this year’s Craft Conf and once again the line up looks amaz­ing — Adri­an Cock­croft, Adam Torn­hill, Amir Chaudhry, Bart De Smet, Bod­il Stokke, Dan North and plen­ty of oth­er big names! I real­ly enjoyed myself at last year’s event (here are my take­aways) but unfor­tu­nate­ly with the new job I …

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My new PC!

It’s tak­en days to put my new dev machine togeth­er, but total­ly worth it! My old Core2Duo had a mea­gre Win­dow Expe­ri­ence Index (WEI) of 4.5: The new sys­tem, with the help of a 120GB Cor­sair Force 3 GT SSD achieved a bumper 7.9 on both HD and RAM per­for­mance! Over­all, I’m only let down …

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An Alt to Ctrl+Alt+Del

Imag­ine this, you log onto your pro­duc­tion serv­er with remote desk­top and to your sur­prise the dread­ed explorer.exe process has died and you’re star­ing at a blank, life­less, blue screen (albeit not the dark blue vari­ant which would mean some­thing more sin­is­ter had occurred!) and there’s absolute­ly noth­ing you can do from here.. What do …

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Enabling Flash Debugger in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a nice lit­tle brows­er, fast as hell, and it even bun­dles and updates its Flash plu­g­in all by itself. On the plus side, it means any­one run­ning Chrome will always have the most up-to-date ver­sion of Flash play­er so good news for Flash game devel­op­ers and web devel­op­ers alike. On the down …

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Wel­come to my blog! It’s Xmas and with so much time on my hands, I thought this might be as good a time to start a blog as any! What am I gonna blog? Well, imag­ine this, you’re going through your favorite blogs/websites and you read some­thing cool, but when it comes to a time …

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