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Time flies when you’re having fun, and we’re already into the second half of 2015!

On a personal level, it’s been a great 6 months, I have spoken at 10 conferences in as many cities and as you read this post I’m at Polyconf in Poznan! 

The great thing about being at so many conferences is that you get to learn so much from others. I’ve gotten into the habit of writing up a summary of what I learnt from these conferences (where time permits of course).

If you missed them here are my takeaways from the conferences from 2015 so far.



Kyle Kingsbury – Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eternal

Michael Nygard – Architecture without an End State

Tammer Saleh – Microservice Anti-patterns

Michael Feathers – The Hidden Dimension of Refactoring

Adrian Trenaman – Scaling micro-services at Gilt

Dan North – Beyond Features

Experience report

You can find the recording of all the talks by room here:


QCon London

Melissa Perris – The Bad Idea Terminator

Matt Ranney – Scaling Uber’s realtime market platform

Randy Shoup – Service architectures at Scale, Lessons from Google and Ebay

Kevlin Henney – Small is Beautiful

Adam Tornhill – Code as Crime Scene

You can find recording of the other talks here, the list is incomplete yet as InfoQ releases only one video a week.


CodeMotion Rome

Richard Rodger – Measuring micro-services


Joy of Coding

Experience report


Functional Programing eXchange

Experience report

You can find recording of the talks here.


What next?

For the second half of the year, I’ll exercise better restraint and limit my appearance at conferences (I have all but exhausted my vacation days this year already…).

But, that said, I’m signed up to a few more conference yet:

code.talks in Hamburg, Sep 29th – 30th


OSCON Europe in Amsterdam, Oct 26th – 28th


Oredev in Malmo, Nov 4th – 6th



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