Takeaway from conferences (so far…)

Time flies when you’re hav­ing fun, and we’re already into the sec­ond half of 2015!

On a per­son­al lev­el, it’s been a great 6 months, I have spo­ken at 10 con­fer­ences in as many cities and as you read this post I’m at Poly­conf in Poz­nan! 

The great thing about being at so many con­fer­ences is that you get to learn so much from oth­ers. I’ve got­ten into the habit of writ­ing up a sum­ma­ry of what I learnt from these con­fer­ences (where time per­mits of course).

If you missed them here are my take­aways from the con­fer­ences from 2015 so far.



Kyle Kings­bury — Jepsen IV: Hope Springs Eter­nal

Michael Nygard – Archi­tec­ture with­out an End State

Tam­mer Saleh – Microser­vice Anti-pat­terns

Michael Feath­ers – The Hid­den Dimen­sion of Refac­tor­ing

Adri­an Tre­na­man – Scal­ing micro-ser­vices at Gilt

Dan North – Beyond Fea­tures

Expe­ri­ence report

You can find the record­ing of all the talks by room here:


QCon London

Melis­sa Per­ris – The Bad Idea Ter­mi­na­tor

Matt Ran­ney – Scal­ing Uber’s real­time mar­ket plat­form

Randy Shoup – Ser­vice archi­tec­tures at Scale, Lessons from Google and Ebay

Kevlin Hen­ney – Small is Beau­ti­ful

Adam Torn­hill – Code as Crime Scene

You can find record­ing of the oth­er talks here, the list is incom­plete yet as InfoQ releas­es only one video a week.


CodeMotion Rome

Richard Rodger – Mea­sur­ing micro-ser­vices


Joy of Coding

Expe­ri­ence report


Functional Programing eXchange

Expe­ri­ence report

You can find record­ing of the talks here.


What next?

For the sec­ond half of the year, I’ll exer­cise bet­ter restraint and lim­it my appear­ance at con­fer­ences (I have all but exhaust­ed my vaca­tion days this year already…).

But, that said, I’m signed up to a few more con­fer­ence yet:

code.talks in Ham­burg, Sep 29th — 30th


OSCON Europe in Ams­ter­dam, Oct 26th — 28th


Ore­dev in Mal­mo, Nov 4th — 6th