SuperfunTown Public Beta!

Months of work has final­ly bore fruit as my sec­ond game goes into pub­lic beta! Come and join in on the fun, it’s nice here: Go on! Try it out! Let us know what you think, your feed­backs are much appre­ci­at­ed! About the Game Super­Fun­Town is a city build­ing game where you assume the …

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Good old days!

My good friend Raj sent me some pic­tures he took from Chi­nese new year 2006, and real­ly brought back some nice mem­o­ries from the days gone by! As some of you may know, I per­formed on stage for Chi­nese new year in 2006 in Trafal­gar Square, in the mid­dle of the freez­ing cold in Feb! …

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