Year in Review, 2015

As 2016 dawns upon us, here’s a quick look  back at what I got up to in 2015.


It’s been a big year on a per­son­al front — after an amaz­ing jour­ney with Gamesys, I start­ed work­ing at JUST EAT at the start of Novem­ber. In the mean­time, I also made a mem­o­rable trip to Tokyo, where I had want­ed to vis­it for a long time


Continuous Learning and Sharing

I spoke at a lot of con­fer­ences this year, and learnt an awful lot along the way.


I pre­pared and deliv­ered a cou­ple of new talks:


I took part in and com­plet­ed all 25 Advent of Code chal­lenges in F#.


I start­ed a series of posts con­vert­ing Crista Lopes’ “Exer­cis­es in Pro­gram­ming Style” to F#.


I did a series on L-Sys­tems in Elm.


I had lots of fun learn­ing APL.

I start­ed work on MBrace.AWS, and am get­ting close to a work­able demo.


Top posts


See you in 2016

That’s it folks, hap­py new year, and wish you all a very pro­duc­tive 2016 ahead!