SuperFun Town News — Major new building now available in your town!

A major update has been released to Super­Fun­Town this week, and a num­ber of new build­ings have been added to the game. Includ­ing some real­ly cool build­ings such as: The Opera House The Chateau The Uni­ver­si­ty The Hip Hop Crib The Empire State Build­ing & the Tin­sel Tow­er The Super Shard & The Eif­fel Tow­er …

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SuperFun Town — Rotate your town!

Yet anoth­er major new fea­ture Super­Fun­Town, you can now rotate your entire town! To rotate your town left or right, sim­ply click on one of the two new but­tons (see left), but remem­ber, you can only rotate your own town! Strug­gling with all the tow­er­ing build­ings and would like to see those nice lit­tle dec­o­ra­tion …

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SuperFunTown! Guide Part 4 – Look That Kills

For me, the thing that sets Super­Fun­Town apart form oth­er city build­ing games on Face­book is the abil­i­ty to cus­tomize and change your town in a way that makes it tru­ly unique! There are a num­ber of pow­er­ful tools at your dis­pos­al, for exam­ple: Every­thing is rotat­able in the game You know how some games …

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SuperFunTown reaches a Mil-stone!

  One Mil­lion month­ly active users accord­ing to Face­book :-)   Play Super­Fun Town! —>   There’s also a spe­cial pro­mo­tion going on here for a chance to win 100,000 in-game coins by nam­ing who you would like as your num­ber 1 neigh­bour in the game!

SuperFunTown! Guide Part 3 — Growth

Broad­ly speak­ing the growth of your town (and there­by the advance­ment of your lev­el) is gov­erned by two fac­tors: The num­ber of new cit­i­zens arriv­ing at your town Your abil­i­ty to house all the new cit­i­zens So now let’s take a clos­er look at each of these and grow your town as fast as you …

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SuperFunTown! Guide Part 2 — Making Coins

Like many oth­er games on Face­book, the econ­o­my in Super­Fun­Town revolves around two types of cur­ren­cies: Coins – the com­mon cur­ren­cy need­ed to pur­chase most items in the game, earned by col­lect­ing rent from res­i­den­tial units and prof­it from goods sold at shops and fac­to­ries. Cash – the rare cur­ren­cy need­ed to pur­chase spe­cial items …

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SuperFunTown! Guide Part 1 — The Basics

It’s been near­ly two weeks since the offi­cial launch of Super­Fun­Town!, and over half a mil­lion play­ers have joined in on the fun but many has yet to realise the full poten­tial of their town because they’re still learn­ing their way into the game. Whether you’ve start­ed play­ing the game or are think­ing of join­ing, …

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