Modelling Game Economy using Neo4j

Hel­lo! Just to quick shout to say that the slides for my Neo4j talk tonight on mod­el­ling and bal­anc­ing an in-game econ­o­my using Neo4j is now avail­able on Slideshare: Mod­el­ling Game Econ­o­my with Neo4j from Yan Cui   You can also watch the record­ing of the talk on Skills­Mat­ter here.   Oh, and did I …

Mod­el­ling Game Econ­o­my using Neo4jRead More »

Here Be Monsters – updates and hello, Neo4j

Here Be Mon­sters is one year old! Big things are hap­pen­ing behind the scenes in the world of our episod­ic MMORPG Here Be Mon­sters, since the beta start­ed back in Sep­tem­ber 2012 we have attract­ed a small but ded­i­cat­ed group of play­ers who have watched the game grew with us and who has lived through …

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Run Taotie Run – new Here Be Monsteres mini-game made with Dart and StageXL

Using StageXL and Dart, I built anoth­er mini-game themed around our MMORPG Here Be Mon­sters this week. The game fol­lows a pack of Taotie mon­sters, which is a type of spir­it mon­ster cre­at­ed when a ghost with immense hunger pos­sess­es a Chi­nese pot. Taotie orig­i­nates from Chi­nese folk­lores and is one of many mon­sters that …

Run Taotie Run – new Here Be Mon­steres mini-game made with Dart and StageXLRead More »

Whack A Meng – new Here Be Monsters mini-game made with Dart and StageXL

Hot on the heels of mak­ing my first game with Dart and StageXL at the Lon­don Game­Craft 2013, I decid­ed to strike whilst the iron’s hot and make a mini-game fea­tur­ing char­ac­ters from our MMORPG Here Be Mon­sters.   The result, is a whack-a-mole style game where the antag­o­nist is ‘Meng the Ter­ri­ble’ from the …

Whack A Meng – new Here Be Mon­sters mini-game made with Dart and StageXLRead More »

London GameCraft 2013 – Agents of P.R.I.S.M

After an 11-hour marathon ses­sion at the Lon­don Game­Craft event yes­ter­day, I am very proud to say that my team’s entry – Agents of P.R.I.S.M was award­ed with the MOST INTERESTING INTERPRETATION OF THE THEME award for the theme of the day – Impact of P.R.I.S.M. It was a great day out for the guys …

Lon­don Game­Craft 2013 – Agents of P.R.I.S.MRead More »

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