My new PC!

It’s taken days to put my new dev machine together, but totally worth it! My old Core2Duo had a meagre Window Experience Index (WEI) of 4.5: The new system, with the help of a 120GB Corsair Force 3 GT SSD achieved a bumper 7.9 on both HD and RAM performance! Overall, I’m only let down …

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Slides and Source Code for my talk with UKDG and NxtGenUG

Following my back-to-back talks with the UK Developers Group and NxtGenUG Southampton, I just like to say thanks those guys for having me, it’s been a great pleasure :-) For anyone interested, here are the links to the slides and the source code I used for the demo. Slides: Source Code:

Upcoming speaking engagements

Just a quick note to mention that I will be speaking to local user groups about Aspect Oriented Programming next month: Nov 16th – The Developers Group Nov 17th – NxtGenUG Southampton The session will offer you a high-level overview of AOP and give you some ideas on how it might help you …

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Good old days!

My good friend Raj sent me some pictures he took from Chinese new year 2006, and really brought back some nice memories from the days gone by! As some of you may know, I performed on stage for Chinese new year in 2006 in Trafalgar Square, in the middle of the freezing cold in Feb! …

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